A message from our secretary

As the director of Bharathi Women’s Arts & Science College, I am pleased to share my development and community involvement. Since2003 our college is well known for women’s education in and around Kallakurichi. Our college has been developed to provide education with discipline to the dream characters of Bharathi. Though there is so much to share on I suggest you to surf through the all the information you are looking for to plan your future. There are two primary choices in life! To accept conditions as they exist, or to take up the responsibility to change them. I decided to opt for the latter & as a result “Bharathi Educational Institutions came into being…” Bharathi Women’s Arts & Science College initiated its journey in real sense during April 1997, prefabricated on the base stones. College fixed its targets, and presented a unique pedagogical methodology with optimum fusion of academic and co-academics and parallel departmentwise growth. All the departments have individual identities, yet all work in tandem with each other, striving consistently to achieve standards of imparting education, with a common philosophy of sustaining and inculcating Indian culture and value system in the students. The students will have their own platform to express their views and give an extension as participants in many events. Let us all celebrate and calibrate the Learning Experience. Feel free to contact one of us if you need more details.